Safety Data Sheet (SDS)



Are You In Compliance?

Varouh Oil, Inc. would like to remind our customers that federal and state regulations require that you maintain Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information for all potentially hazardous materials stored at your facility. In addition to up-to-date SDS sheets, it is your facility’s responsibility to maintain an Emergency Response Plan for reference to respond to an accident, spill, fire or other emergency. They must be readily available to employees both as a safety reference and in the event of an emergency. OSHA and fire department inspections include the review of these SDS sheets, and facilities may be fined for not complying with these regulations.

Keep your facilities in compliance.Review the products that you are currently storing, and update your SDS information accordingly. If the SDS sheet you require is unavailable, e-mail a request to us.

Varouh Oil Petroleum Products SDS Sheet
Gasoline & Fuel
Gasoline Unleaded Automotive SDS Gasoline Unleaded Automotive
Diesel Fuel, Ultra Low Sulfur Clear SDS Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Clear
Diesel Fuel, Ultra Low Sulfur Dyed SDS Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Dyed
Kerosene SDS Kerosene
Automotive Engine Oil
 Premium Motor Oil  SDS Premium Motor Oil
Super Premium Motor Oil SDS Super Premium Motor Oil
Truck Fleet CK4 15/40 SDS Truck Fleet CK4 15/40
Gear Oil
Multi Vis Gear Oil SDS Multi Vis Gear Oil
Syngear 75W90 SDS Syngear 75W90
Automatic Transmission Fluids
 Universal ATF SDS Universal ATF 
 Automatic Trans Fluid SDS Automatic Trans Fluid
 Universal Tractor Fluid
Universal Tractor Fluid SDS Universal Tractor Fluid
Industrial Oil
Air Tool Lube SDS Air Tool Oil
Bar and Chain Oils SDS Bar and Chain Oils
Compressor Oils SDS Compressor
No Rust C Prokote Series SDS No Rust C Prokote Series
Water Glycol F R Hyd. Fluid SDS Water Glycol F R Hyd. Fluid
Heat Transfer 32 SDS Heat Transfer 32
Hydraulic Oils SDS Hydraulic Oils
R and O Oils SDS R and O Oils
Rust Preventative SDS Rust Preventative
Spindle Oils SDS Spindle Oils
Slidrauic Oils SDS Slidrauic Oils
Way Lubricants SDS Way Lubricants
Transformer Oil SDS Transformer Oil
C Plus 10 SDS C Plus 10
Metal Working
Stamping S 2603 SDS Stamping S 2603
Honing Oil SDS Honing Oil
Honey Oil SDS Honey Oil
Richcut 617V SDS Richcut 617V
Gun Drill Oil 70 SDS Gun Drill Oil 70
Kleer 30 SDS Kleer 30
Coolant726 SDS Coolant726
V-604-HD SDS V-604-HD
Marquis 776 SDS Marquis 776
Marquis 992 SDS Marquis 992
Metacut 306 SDS Metacut 306
Soluble Oil b SDS Soluble Oil b
Vanishing Oils SDS Vanishing Oils
Blue Lithium Complex EP #2 SDS Blue Lithium Complex EP #2
OCS Grease SDS OCS Grease
Lithium Grease EP All Grades SDS Lithium Grease EP All Grades
Brick Grease SDS Brick Grease
Lithium with Moly SDS Lithium with Moly
Specialty Applications
Anti-Freeze SDS Anti-Freeze
Acetone SDS Acetone
Mineral Seal Oil SDS Mineral Seal Oil
Mineral Spirits SDS Mineral Spirits
Odorless Mineral Spirits SDS Odorless Mineral Spirits
Solvent Rule 66 SDS Solvent Rule 66
Solvent 142 SDS Solvent 142
Xylene SDS Xylene
Blue Giant 100 SDS Blue Giant 100
VC 10 Cleaner SDS VC 10 Cleaner
Naphthenic Base Oils SDS Naphthenic Base Oils
Metalterj 4340 SDS Metalterj 4340
Ethylene Glycol SDS Ethylene Glycol

Varouh Oil is a wholesale petroleum supplier in Northern Ohio.

We use virgin base oil stocks and premium oil additives to custom blend quality industrial, metalworking, farm and fleet lubricating oils. We also carry Industrial cleaners, solvents and greases. We are also a wholesale gasoline, fuel and kerosene supplier. We can blend various specialty applications with our own custom compound blender. Contact us today for more information.


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