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Blender & Wholesale Gasoline Supplier

Varouh Oil is a blender and wholesale gasoline supplier with additional petroleum products, based in Elyria, Ohio. We carry a complete line of petroleum lubrication products, including automotive, farm, commercial, and industrial lubricants. Our petroleum products have helped to keep Northern Ohio running since 1957! In addition to our custom blend lubricants made with our custom compound blender, we also carry light-end petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and kerosene. Whatever your machine lubricant needs are, you can find what you need at Varouh Oil. 

We also carry a complete line of equipment to work along with our petroleum products. This equipment includes pumps, drums and barrel equipment, and more. Not only do we create blended industrial oils, we also have excellent customer service. Our job is to sit down with you and create a blend that works for you, your business, and your machinery.

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Varouh Oil offers automotive oils and lubricants as well to keep your automobiles and vehicles in top shape and condition. Automotive oils help minimize wear and tear by keeping moving pieces lubricated and working properly.



Different bearings and other industrial machinery require lubricating greases and other petroleum products to keep up with the demands of heavy-duty machinery.


Varouh Oil is a wholesale petroleum supplier in Northern Ohio.

We use virgin base oil stocks and premium oil additives to custom blend quality industrial, metalworking, farm and fleet lubricating oils. We also carry Industrial cleaners, solvents and greases. We are also a wholesale gasoline, fuel and kerosene supplier. We can blend various specialty applications with our own custom compound blender. Contact us today for more information.


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