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Xylene is a colorless, flammable, hydrocarbon liquid that occurs naturally in crude oil but is supplemented by additional amounts made in the refining process. It is part of the aromatic family of hydrocarbons. Xylene It is used in many common products, such as paints, rubber, adhesives, plastic bottles and clothing. It can also be found in printing inks, and flexible foams.

Characteristics Typical Analysis
Spec. Gr. @ 60/60 °F  0.87   ASTM D-891-59
LB. per Gal. @ 60 °F  7.25
Flash Point ,°F  TCC   81
Boiling Range.,°C/(°F)  138-143°C/ (280-289°F)
Kari-Butanol value  98
 MAP   52
Evaporation Rate*  0.86 * n-Butyl Acetate

Note: The values shown are representative of current production and may vary within modest ranges.

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