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Shellzone - Antifreeze is a superior quality, single phase, ethylene glycol based antifreeze. It is a low silicate, all-purpose coolant designed for use in both automotive and heavy duty diesel engines (with the use of SCA's). Shellzone Antifreeze Prediluted 50/50 is a 50/50 volume mixture of Shellzone Antifreeze with deionized water.

Shellzone Antifreeze is specially formulated to meet the stringent aluminum corrosion protection requirements of today's automotive engines. Because of its low concentration of silicate, it also complies with Cummins and other heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer's silicate requirements. This product is also suitable for use in industrial internal combustion engines where an antifreeze/coolant is required to provide protection against freezing, boil over, and corrosion..

Features and Benefits Shellzone Antifreeze provides the following qualities: Universal formula for both automotive and heavy duty diesel engines (ASTM D 3306 and ASTMD4985) Excellent heat transfer properties Superior anti-foam characteristics Superior corrosion protection for aluminum, brass, copper, solder, steel and cast iron Low silicate formulation Nitrite-free, amine-free and borax-free Concentrate mixes readily with clean tap water Pre-diluted product is ready to use and requires no mixing for top-up and initial fill Compatible with cooling system filters Compatible with heavy duty diesel supplemental coolant additives Compatible with conventional brands of coolant 100% biodegradable in its pure unused form (1) Approvals and Recommendations Shellzone Antifreeze meets: ASTM D 3306 for automotive service ASTM D 4985 for heavy duty diesel service (2) Shellzone Antifreeze Prediluted 50/50 meets: ASTM D 4656 for pre-blend automotive service ASTM D 5345 for pre-blend heavy duty diesel service
   Typical Concentrate    Typical 50/50
Code No.  94010  94067
Appearance Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Green
Freezing Point,°F(ASTM D 1177) 50%q.s. aqueous solution -34 -34
pH (ASTM D 1287), 1:2 dilution with water 10.5  10.3
Specific Gravity. 60/60°F 1.130  1.06
Reserve Alkalinity (ASTM D 1121),as received 12.0  6.0
Silicate 0.09  0.045

Handling and Safety Information Shellzone Antifreeze has a shelf life of about 18 months. Concentrate product should be mixed before use. Always dispose of used coolant in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. These products are not to be used to protect the inside of potable water systems against freezing. For information on the safe handling and use of this product, refer to its Material Safety Data Sheet at For more information and availability, call 1+800-782-7852 or visit the World Wide Web:
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