Varouh Oil, Inc.
Solvents Family

We handle five grades that, together, satisfy the broad range of applications for Mineral Spirits,Mineral Spirits ME, Stoddard Solvent , Solvent Rule 66 and 142 Solvent,. Varouh Oil's Solvent is refined to low odor levels. Evaporation is clean without any long-lasting residual odors, and odor stability is excellent throughout the normal shelf lives of the solvents. The low odor of Varouh Oil's solvents is obtained without sacrificing solvent power or other valuable properties. Typical specifications: The values shown here are representative of current production. Some are controlled by manufacturing specifications, while others
Characteristics Typical Analysis .
Saybolt Color + 26 D-156-64 ASTM
Spec. Gr. @ 60/60 °F 0.78 D-891-59 ASTM
LB. per Gal. @ 60 °F  6.50 .
Flash Point ,°F  TCC 100-142 .
Boiling Range.,°C/°F 154-205 °C 310-400 °F
10 % Distillates @ ºC 146 .
50 % Distillates @, ºC 151 .
90 % Distillates@ ºC 160 .
Evaporation Rate*  0.12  *n-Butyl Acetate

Note: The values shown are representative of current production and may vary within modest ranges.