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  Varouh Oil, Inc.
About Us

Varouh Oil began operations in 1957 as a Gulf Oil® Distributor by George Varouh, it's founder and current President and CEO.

Located between Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio the company started with two tankwagons and a pickup truck selling Gasoline, Heating Oil, Diesel Fuels and Motor Oils. In the late 50's Varouh Oil added Industrial Oils and Greases and became a full line petroleum distributor. Throughout the sixties and seventies Varouh Oil would also add Citgo® and Chevron® products to the distributorship. Servicing many manufactures in our area brought to light that the major oil companies were formulating and blending products that had multiple uses to cover a wide range of uses not economically necessary for the end users. This coupled with the cost of logistics and on time delivery opened a new avenue for growth in the company. In 1985 Varouh Oil set up a new division of the company, Gauge Lubricants for the custom blending of lubricants. For over 30 years we have steadily increased the volume of lubricants through this division saving our customers thousands of dollars by reducing their lubrication costs. Using only the finest virgin base stocks and established additive suppliers, we have successfully blended over six million gallons of various lubricants for all types of applications, such as metal working fluids, hydraulic oils, gear oils, greases and other specialty lubricants.

Our blending facility maintains segregated tanks and lines to insure the integrity of the oil and thereby eliminating the possibility of cross contamination. Blended batches can be packaged in either 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, various tote sizes or delivered in bulk tankwagons or transport trucks.



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