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Varouh Oil, Inc. carries a full line of multi-viscosity grade oils as well as single grades from passenger car to heavy-duty diesel use. Passenger car oils include 5w/30, 10w/30, 10w, 40, 20w/50, 30w and 40w. Heavy duty Diesel engine oils include 10w30, 15w/40, 10w, 20w, 30w, 40w, and 50w. Semi-Synthetics are available upon request.


Varouh Oil, Inc. Custom blends quality industrial lubricants that include Hydraulics, R & 0 Oils, Spindle Oils, Rust Preventatives, and Way Oils. We also carry Brand names in finished products such as Turbine Oils and Fire Resistant Fluids. If you are looking for a particular product and/or need technical assistance concerning Automotive, Industrial, Grease or Specialty Applications please fill out our general questionnaire so that we can further assist you.


Varouh Oil, Inc. specializes in custom blending of metal working fluids. We blend petroleum-based oils that can contain a wide spectrum of additives and can machine most metals known today. Some of the most common additives would be of the sulfur, chlorine, phosphorous, fat, and ester type. With the right combination, your needs can be met for most ferrous and non-ferrous metal operations. Water-soluble fluids are also available for light to heavy-duty metal removable applications. Since we have blended hundreds of cutting oils to specific operations, we recommend that you fill out the metal working questionnaire #(l) Trouble Shooting so that we can help you select the correct metal working fluid.


Varouh Oil, Inc. carries most NLGI grades of grease from light duty to extreme pressure. We also work with major manufacturers that compound specialty greases by color, NLGI grade and or military specifications. If you are in need to verify compatibility of greases or in search of a specialty grease please fill out our general questionnaire so that we can help you select the correct grease for the application.


Varouh Oil, Inc. carries a number of specialty application products. We recommend filling out the special information box located on the general questionnaire to insure proper application and use.



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