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Quenching Oil

Quenching Oil 70 delivers value through Controlled cooling of metals , and combines the high initial quenching speed of water with slow final quenching speed of oil.
Safety, because high flash point and fire point minimize the possibility of fire problems.
Minimal oil carryout is prevented, because the light viscosity of this oil allows quick drainage from metal parts.
Excellent thermal stability provides high heat resistance to oxidation and thickening.
Deeper, more uniform hardening due to controlled cooling of metals.

Quenching Oil 70 is a premium quality quenching oil. It is designed to provide controlled cooling of steel which is important in steel hardening. When quenching is started, Quenching Oil 70 provides a high initial cooling rate inducing maximum hardness, yet once the critical transformation temperature is passed, the ideal fluid cooling rate decreases to eliminate the possibility of stresses and metal distortion.

Quenching Oil 70 is recommended for use when deep and uniform hardening is required in steels having small grain size or wide variation in grain size in steels with lean alloy content in parts having variable sections or odd shapes in steels having variable hardenability
This highly stable oil resists the oxidizing effects of quenching and is less sensitive to the effects of agitation. It is highly heat resistant. No additive replacement is required and, in normal service, the product retains the original viscosity indefinitely.
Because of its ability to adhere to smooth or shiny surfaces, Quenching Oil 70 is also recommended for use when parts must retain a bright finish.
API Gravity  34.0
Viscosity, cSt at 40°C / (CST at 100°C)  14.9 / (3.5)
Viscosity, Saybolt SUS at 100°F/ (SUS at 210°F)  82/ (38)
Viscosity Index  113
Flash Point, °C(°F)  185(365)
Fire Point, °C(°F)  226(439)
Pour Point, °C(°F)  -15(+5)
Acid Number, ASTM D 664   0.04
Quench Time, sec.  10.5
Quenching Oil

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