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ClearCut Cutting Oils ClearCut 110, 116, 119, 130, 117, 419, 502, 550

The Clearcut Cutting Oils are transparent, non-emulsifiable metal cutting and forming oils. Each grade has performance properties which will provide high production rates, optimum tool life and quality finishes with the types of metals and machining or other operations where it is recommended.

Features and Applications

General Purpose Cutting Oils containing Active Sulfur
Clear Cut 110 --for machining of carbon and alloy steels in the low end of the ductile (low carbon content) steel range and having high anti-weld protection.

Clear Cut 116 --for machining of medium-carbon content carbon and alloy steels in the low combination range with an excellent balance of anti-weld and anti-wear properties.

Clear Cut 119 --for machining of steels in the middle and upper combination range.

Clear Cut 130 --for machining of steel in the abrasive range having maximum anti-wear properties. In addition, they can also be used as an additive agent for increasing anti-wear properties in other cutting oils.

Dual-Purpose Cutting Oil Inactive sulfur Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals
Clear Cut 117 --for free-machining steels in the relative machinability range above 90% and for machining copper and aluminum alloys. It will not stain or corrode copper and can be used as the gear case lubricant in multi-spindle automatic screw machines, eliminating cutting fluid dilution.

Heavy Duty Cutting Oil, Active Sulfur, Will stain non-ferrous
Clear Cut 419 --for deep-hole and gun drilling and crush form grinding of all ferrous metals, including stainless steel grades. Also used for automatic screw machines, abrasive belt finishing, tapping and threading.

Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting and Honing Oils
Clear Cut 502 --for machining operations on all aluminum, copper, brass and bronze where slower speeds but heavier feeds are employed.

Will not stain Copper
Clear Cut 550 --for machining all types of aluminum and free-machining brasses and bronzes. It is a low viscosity, high cooling-rate oil processing anti-wear properties necessary for long cutting tool life and fine surface finishes. The high cooling rate permits close dimension machining of non-ferrous metals at high surface speeds and light speeds.

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