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Gauge Way Lubricants

Gauge Way Lubricants
Gauge Way Lubricants are formulated for use in the slide ways of Planers, Grinders, Horizontal Boring Machines, Shapers, Jig Borers and Milling Machines. These Way Lubricants incorporate state of the art friction modifiers to decrease machine chatter associated with stick-slip machine phenomena of slow moving heavily loaded machine parts. Gauge Way Lubricants contain proven extreme pressure and anti-rust technology to promote the long life of machine tools. These fluids are further enhanced by the addition of proprietary additives which promote excellent fluid adhesion to the moving surfaces which Increases the fluid film strength further reducing wear. Gauge Way Lubricants are formulated to provide excellent fluid separation from water soluble metal working fluids. These fluids are fully approved for use in Cincinnati Milacron machining centers.

ISO Grade 32 68 220
Sp. Gravity, @ 15.6C 87.4 87.9 89.3
Flash Point,°C 226 242 261
Pour Point, °C -33 -33 -18
Rust,ASTM D665B Pass Pass Pass
Viscosity, CST @ 100°C 5.7 8.9 20.4
Viscosity, CST @ 40°C 34.3 69.2. 244.2
Viscosity Index 108 103 97
Acid ASTM D-974 0.28 0.28 0.28
Cinci-Milacron StickSlip, 0.77 0.77 0.74

Note: The values shown are representative of current production and may vary within modest ranges.
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