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Spindle Oils


Gauge Spindle Oils..Spin 10, Spin 22.
Gauge Spindle Oils are formulated with high quality base oils and additives to help control maintenance and power costs. They reduce rates of wear, eliminate spindle sticking, lower power requirements, protect against corrosion and do not thicken in service.

The antiwear properties of gauge spindle oils allows them to carry greater loads than ordinary spindle oils, with reduced friction and lower power requirements. The effective dispersant additive found in these oils, holds contaminants in suspension and prevents accumulation of sludge, gum or other deposits on spindle bases, bolsters and blades. Another valuable aspect of gauge spindle oils is their corrosion protection, displaying exceptional resistance to oxidation so necessary in the humid atmosphere in spinning rooms.

Application requirements
Gauge Spindle Oils perform under conditions of high humidity, vibration and lint contamination exceptionally. They are especially suitable for use as spindle lubricants in the textile industry and can also be used for the lubrication of other high-speed spindles such as on machine tools.

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