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Soluble Oil B
Soluble Oil B is a premium metal-working lubricant designed for a variety of applications where heat dissipation is critical. It is a compounded emulsifying product composed of a high-quality base oil and select emulsifiers, with the addition of a potent bactericide ("B"). It mixes readily with hot or cold water and forms a stable creamy emulsion, and is usually diluted in oil/water ratios ranging from 1:1 to 1:6 depending on the application.

Soluble Oil B is an emulsion designed for grinding and for machining operations where cooling characteristics are critical. Although mixture ratios vary for specific applications, in general, the richer emulsions are used for the more difficult cutting operations, where the intermediate mixtures are used for the free-machining operations, and the lean mixtures are used for operations such as grinding, where massive cooling is required. AVAILABILITY: Soluble Oil B is available at Varouh Oil, Inc. Warehouses in 5 gallon pails, 55 Gallon drums or in bulk quantaties.

Soluble Oil B forms homogeneous and exceptionally stable emulsions, which show no apparent separation after long periods of usage or storage. An effective bactericide helps prevent the buildup of bacteria under normal operating conditions. Additionally, it offers the following benefits:
Excellent lubricity Quality surface finish Extended tool life and long wheel life in grinding operations Outstanding heat dissipating characteristics in severe operating conditions Good rust and corrosion protection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, leaving a thin film of protection on machined parts
Varouh Oil Soluble Oil B - Typical Properties
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C ASTM D-446  30
Viscosity, cSt @100°C ASTM D-446  5.16
Viscosity, SUS@100°F ASTM D-2161  142
Viscosity, SUS@ 210°F ASTM D-2161  43.2
Gravity API ASTM D-1298  21.5
Color ASTM D-1500  4.0
Pour Point, °F (°C) ASTM D-97  -20 (-29)
Flash Point, COC, °F (°C) ASTM D-92  320 (160)
Fire Point, COC,°F (°C) ASTM D-92  350 (177)
Sulfur, Total %  Mass%   Nil
Copper Strip Test @212°F,3hrs.     Pass
Corrosion Test @77°Fand100°F, 168 hrs.  MIL-C-4339   Pass
Emulsion Test -1 Part Oil:9 Part Synthetic Hard Water  MIL-C-4339   Nil
Froth, 15 min.     Trace
Separated Oil %, 72 hrs.     Nil 1.8
10 Parts Methyl Alcohol    
Froth, 15 min.    
Separated Oil %, 72 hrs.    
Ph Value  MIL-C-4339  8.8

Note: When preparing emulsions of Soluble B and water, always add oil to water. The stability of the emulsion is enhanced when it is put through a homogenization process.
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