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Water-Glycol, Fire Resistant Fluid
FR WG 200-D is a premium, water glycol, fire resistant hydraulic fluid which has superior lubricating properties and meets all requirements for a less hazardous fire resistant hydraulic fluid. In addition to its excellent fire resistant properties, this fluid contains a proper additive balance to impart the necessary lubricity, corrosion protection and overall performance demanded by today’s high performance hydraulic systems. The increased performance which FR WG 200-D provides results in extended pump service life and reduced downtime, along with lower maintenance costs. Additional bonus features include: High viscosity index, low pour point, excellent heat transfer, anti-foam properties and complete compatibility with commonly used seals, hoses and metals. In addition, FR WG 200-D is completely compatible in all proportions with other reputable brands of water-glycol fluids.

Fire resistant hydraulic fluids are preferred in a variety of industrial applications, and are required in many (for example: steel and aluminum mills, die casting, off-shore oil rigs, mining, military equipment and forging plants). Water-glycol fluids are not only fire resistant, but also have a low order of toxicity. Water-glycol fluids also have excellent low temperature properties, good shear stability, and are resistant to oxidative and thermal degradation. Sludge and vamish formations are not a problem with FR WG 200-D. FR WG 200-D is recommended for use in all types of hydraulic systems requiring a water-glycol, fire resistant hydraulic fluid. If you want to add FR WG 200-D to another water-glycol, please ask for the assistance of a sales representative regarding compatibility. Hydraulic systems that contain fluids other than water-glycol should be thoroughly flushed by a procedure which we can recommend. Varouh oil's representatives are able to assist in the aspects of conversion assistance.

We believe FR WG 200-D has a low degree of hazard when used as intended. As with all products of this type, we recommend that good hygiene practices be observed, including; (1) avoid prolonged skin contact, (2) provide adequate ventilation, (3) do not ingest; and that all OSHA standards pertaining to products of this type be observed.
Appearance .  Clear,red fl.
Viscosity @100 °F ASTM D-2161  190-215
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270  >200
Pour Point, °F ASTM D-97  -50
Specific Gravity. 60/60°F ASTM D-1298  1.06-1.10
Pounds per Gallon, 60°F .  8.90-9.05
PH .  9.35-9.75
Reserve Alkalinity .  18.0-22.0
Boiling Point,°F .  220
Flash and Fire Point  ASTM D-92   NONE
Factory Mutual Fire Test Sequence  FM-6930   Approved
Rust Prevention  ASTM D-665   Pass
Water Content, %  ASTM D-95   44 +/- 1
WEAR TEST Shell Four Ball  ASTM D-2266   .
40 kg, 1200 rpm. 1 hr. @ 167 °F  Scar Diameter, mm.  .   0.63
40 kg. 1800 rpm, 1 hr. @ 130 °F  Scar Diameter. mm.  .   0.75
HIGH PRESSURE PUMP TEST: Vickers 104C Vane Pump  ASTM D-2882  .
Total Wear, 100 hours  .   <50 mg.
Vickers High Performance 25 V Intra-Vane  D-2882 Modified  .
Pressure: .  2000 psi
Flow Rate .  10 gpm
Test Sample .  5 gallons
Filtration .  10 micron
Fluid Temp. .  150 °F
Shaft RPM .  1,200
Total Wear, 100 hours .  <50 mg.

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