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 Lubricating Open Gear Grease


Varouh Oil, Inc.'s Tacky OGL EP-11 is a heavy duty open gear lubricant formulated specifically for applications such as draglines, cranes, dipper sticks, circle rails, elevator guides, walking cams, and sliding surfaces. It provides exceptional load carrying ability as Tacky OGL EP-11 contains an extremely high base fluid viscosity and is fortified with solid lubricants. In addition, this product contains extreme pressure and anti-wear additives as well as corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. It is water resistant and is truly a high performance product for severe industrial applications. This product contains no solvents or dilutents


Typical Properties
NLGI Grade       1
Thickener Type   Calcium/Lithium Based
     Texture   Smooth/Tacky
     Color   Black
Worked Penetration, ASTM   
D-217, 77F, 60 Strokes      290-320
Dropping Point, ASTM   
D-2265, ° F Min   325
Rust & Corrosion, ASTM   
D-1743    Pass
Mobility Testing, LT-37, 45° F   17.54 grams/minute   
Timkin, ASTM D-2509,   
OK Load, Lbs.     65
Four Ball EP, ASTM D-2596  
       Weld Point Kg,     800
Four Ball EP.,ASTM D-2666  
      L.W.I.      120
  Base Fluid Properties
     Flash Point °F     500 Min.
     cSt @ 100° C     127-157
     Pour Point,° F      +25

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