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 Lubricating Grease

Red Lithium EP-1 with Polymer

   Varouh Oil, Inc.'s Red Lithium Grease EP#1 with Polymer is ideally suited for applications in which heavy shock loading is encountered. The combination of polymers and heavy base oil viscosity make the grease ideal. In addition it can be used in rolling contact bearings in electrical motors, blowers, centrifugal pumps, etc., Where a high quality grease is desired. Also in rolling contact and plain sleeve bearings used under unfavorable environmental conditions involving moisture, high loads and or high temperatures, such as jaw crushers, tube mills, mining, material processing, cement and aggregate industries.
   Red HV Lithium with Polymer is recommended for extended lubrication intervals, especially for relubrication of ball joint suspension and steering linkage of of industrial and automotive equipment. It is also recommended for general chassis lubrication and is an excellent lubricant for wheel bearings.


Typical Properties
NLGI Grade       1
Thickner Type   Lithium
     Texture   Smooth/Tacky
     Color    Red
Worked Penetration, ASTM  
D-217, 77F, 60 Strocks      310-340
Dropping Point, ASTM
D-2265, F Min   350
Oxidation Stability, ASTM  
D-942, PSI Drop      10
Wheel Bearing Leakage,  
D-1263 Gms     5.0
Rust & Corrosion, ASTM  
D-1743, Rating   1,1,1
Water Washout, ASTM  
D-1264, 175° F, Max    10.0%
Timkin, ASTM D-2509,  
OK Load, Min.      60
Four Ball EP, ASTM D-2596  
       Weld Point Kg, Min    315
        Load Wear Index      45
Four Ball Wear,ASTM D-2266  
      Scar Dia. mm, Max      0.60
  Base Oil Viscosity    
      Pour Point         0
      SUS @ 100° F     900-1100 
      cSt @ 40° C     180-210
      cSt @ 100° C       15.5-17.5
      Viscosity Index, Min.        85
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