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Varouh Oil's HT Fluid TO-4 is a premium quality transmission and drive-train fluid to meet Cater pillar's TO-4 specifications for use in off-highway equipment. Caterpillar requires the use of this fluid for use of all new equipment which is still under factory warranty.

HT Fluid TO-4 is designed for use in powershift, direct drive transmissions, winches and final drives of all new Caterpillar equipment which require the use of a TO-4 fluid. It is also recommended for the transmission and final drives of all older Caterpillar equipment which require TO-2 fluid. Additionally, this product is recommended for transmissions, drive trains, hydraulic systems in off-hiqhway equipment of various manufacturers which recommend the use of a TO-4 fluid or in transmission that specify the use of an Allison C-4 fluid.

HT Fluid TO-4 is available in three viscosity grades, 10w, 30, and 50, as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Follow equipment manufacturers recommendations for appropriate viscosity grade.
Features: Applications:
  • Excellent anti-wear protection
  • Good fluidity at low ambient temperatures
  • Outstanding oxidation stability, foam resistance arid rust control

  • Superior friction characteristics which eliminates excessive brake noise
  • Excellent shear stability to maintain viscosity over the life of the equipment
  • Availability in three SAE viscosity grades to meet Caterpillar viscosity
SAE VISCOSITY GRADE        10W    30     50
Gravity API ASTM D1298-A  29.9  28.3  26.7
Flash Point,COC,°F(°C) ASTM D-92  390(199)  425(219)  465(242)
Pour Point, °F(°C) ASTM D-97  -25(-32)  0(-18)  +10(-12)
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C ASTM D-445   38.1  106.0  232.2
Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C ASTM D-445  6.1   12  19.5
Viscoity,SUS @ 100°F ASTM D-2161  178.3  491  1075
Viscoity,SUS @ 210°F ASTM D-2161  46.2  66.1  94.4
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270  107  102  97
ASTM Color ASTM D-1500  3.5   6.5   7.5
CCS @-20°C, CP max.     3300  N/A  N/A

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