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Varouh Oil's Premium Universal Tractor Hydralic Fluid is formulated to incorporporate advanced additive technology combined with highly refined base stocks to provide excellent long-term service in modern agri-industrial equipment under severe conditions.It is designed for use in equipment utilizing a commond pump or requiring a single fluid for final drive, transmission,differential, power take-off (PTO) units and wet brake systems.

Premium Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid additive formulation has superior detergent/dispersant, anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foam agents along with special friction modifiers. It is a true multi-functional fluid with detergents to keep transmissions clean and maintain hydraulic control circuits while providing outstanding protection against seal and pump deterioration and wet brake noise suppression under wide temperature ranges. The special friction modifiers permit the wet brakes to hold properly and allow smooth engagement of power take off (PTO) clutches.

Premium Univeral Tractor Hydraulic Fluid has been field-tested and is suitable for use where any of the following fluids are recommended:

  • Allis Chalmers PF-821XL, Allison C-3, Caterpillar TO-2
  • Denison HF-O
  • Deutz HTF
  • Ford Tractor M2C41-B, M2C48-B, M2C53-C, M2C77-A, M2C86-B, ESN-M2C134, M2C134-B, M2C134-C, M2C134-D
  • International Harvester Hy-Tran, spec. B-6
  • JI Case/David Brown JIC-143, 144, 145, 185, MS-1204, 1205, 1206 (Powergard PTF), 1210 (TCH)
  • John Deere J20A (Hy-Gard), J20C, JI4B, J14C, J21A, 303, Quatrol
  • Kubota UDT
  • Massey Ferguson M-1110, M-1127, M-1129 (Permatran), M-1135, Permatran III
  • Oliver Type 55
  • Renk Doromat ATF
  • Steiger Hydraulic Trans Fluid
  • Sunstrand HMS-103
  • Versatile Gear/Hydraulic Trans Fluid
  • Whie Q1722, Q1826

Premium Universal Tractor Hydralic Fluid Range
Gravity API 28-30
Flash Point,°F 400
Pour Point, °F -10 to-20
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C 40-65
Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C 9.0-9.3
Viscosity Index 135

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